Witchcraft - 2023 Halloween Mystery Mini Watch/KAL

It's almost Halloween!  Or, at least it is almost time for the 13 Days of Halloween Mystery Mini Skein Kits to be released. 
This year the theme is Witchcraft.  And we are going to try something a little bit different.  This year we are planning a 13 week watch along of the movies with your pre-order of the kits. 
When you purchase the mystery mini skein kits as a pre-order, you will also be getting a list of dates and where you can find that movie streaming.  You open the number for the skein for that date (they will be numbered 1-13 along with the watch list) and that will include an image of the movie poster with a quote.  If there is a watch party option on the streaming service for that week, you will get an email with the link before start time.  Then we can watch and yarn together.
Watch alongs will be on Monday evenings starting at 6PM eastern.  The first will take place on Monday August 7th and the final night will be Monday October 30th.
Pre-order the kits or get more information on the kits and movie list HERE.  They are not in the order we will be viewing them, but I will try to keep the list of movies there up to date.  And I will post here as we watch.
Find the listing HERE!  
13 - House of the Witch - 2017
12 - The Witches - 1990
11 - The Old Ways - 2020
10 - The House with the Clock in its Walls - 2018
9 - Autopsy of Jane Doe - 2016
8 - Return to Oz - 1985
7 - Baba Yaga - Terror of the Dark Forest - 2020
6 - Warlock - 1989
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