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Creepy Craft Retreat

Creepy Craft Retreat

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What could be better than crafting while watching horror movies?  Doing it in a cabin in the woods with other craft and horror loving humans! Of course.

This will be the first ever official Creepy Craft Retreat.  This event will take place  September 13-15, 2024 at Bradford Woods in southern Indiana. 

THE HUMANS:  This first ever Creepy Craft Retreat will be hosted by Mary of Rebel Purl and Sam who is just awesome.  This means you will access to our crafting knowledge all weekend.   I know most about yarn crafting and many bad/scary/weird movies.  Sam knows crochet and unlimited spooky movie facts.  Along with other fun things - to list it all here would be insane.  And very random.

Anyone who likes humans, scary movies and crafting is welcome to attend.  The only requirements are respect and covid vaccinations.  There are no restrictions based on mental health, religion, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, clothing choices, or what  yarn craft you prefer.  Craft shaming is not allowed.  Neither is being rude about any of the above listed things or anything else.

This will be a small event - only 9 attendees and 2 hosts.

We will not be requiring masks during the event as the space is so closely shared, but feel free to wear yours if you like.  Anyone experiencing possible symptoms or who is recently exposed is asked to stay home.  We want this small event to be as safe as possible for all involved.  Proof of current vaccination is required before your spot will be confirmed.

THE PLACE:  We will be crafting together in Ryan Cottage.  There are 3 rooms with 3 beds each, so we will be sharing.  Each room has a top bunk, a bottom bunk and a single bed.  There are options to bring your own bedding or have bedding provided for your stay. 

ACCESSIBILITY:  This location is somewhat accessible however there is a gravel/dirt/grass trail leading to the front door and there a small ramp to get inside. There are 3 shared restrooms inside and one of them is a wheelchair accessible shower/bathroom. 

SUSTENANCE:  All meals and some snacks will be provided, including vegetarian options.  The menu will be officially posted once we are getting closer to the event.  If you have any additional dietary/snacking needs not listed on the menu, feel free to bring your own. Just make sure they are clearly labeled and as compact as possible as we will all be sharing one fridge. 

PRETTIES:  If you are a yarn crafter, there will be an optional exclusive colorway inspired by something scary available on any of my yarn bases.  This will be an extra option that you can request to purchase when you turn in your preferences survey.  Your spot at the retreat includes a goodie bag.

SALES:  This is not a sales specific event.  We will have a small amount of yarn and tools available for purchase in case someone needs/wants something for crafting.  Just ask a host and we will help.  

EVENTS:  There will be an optional after dark nature walk and a s’mores & ghost stories fire event.  But no classes.  This retreat is meant to be just that - a retreat.  We will craft and relax together.  And watch as many scary movies as we like.  Friday night we will get together to go over the movie options, learn names, share our crafts & bonfire.  Then just some fantastic relaxing horror craft times.

No classes also means that every craft is welcome.  Knit, crochet, felting, cross stitch, embroidery, drawing, writing...... whatever you want to craft with us - bring it along.  The only limit will be no crafting that involves loud noises, large messes or fumes.  

MOVIES: Hosts will bring a stockpile of our own scary/weird/b movies.  And everyone is welcome to bring their own choices as well.  Then we will decide as a group what we want to watch next.  Make sure to label your movies so we can all keep track. We will include a list of movies we are bringing when we send the final menu out.

GET A SPOT:  This event will be pre-order only.  Final purchases must be made before August 1st, 2024.   

  • When you purchase you will be choosing a bed type:  top bunk, bottom bunk or single.  If you want to bring your own bedding, use the code BYOBED for a $35 discount.  If you want us to provide a pillow, sheets and blanket for your stay purchase your bed choice as it is.  
  • If the spot you want is sold out, grab a waitlist spot.  If the type of bed you want opens up, we will reach out and let you know.  If all spots are sold out, go ahead and grab a waitlist spot.  We will reach out to waitlisters in the order your request was received.
  • Once your spot is confirmed (you've purchased and we have verified receipt of your proof of current covid vaccination) you will get a questionaire on all the planning things.  Food allergies, room sharing preferences, favorite colors, most hated colors, etc.  This will help with assigning beds, selecting your bedding if you have that option, snack/beverage stocking, and with creating the exclusive colorway.  If you have a CPAP or are a super light sleeper, this is where you let us know that. If you are attending with friends, give us names so we can bunk you together.
  • There will be an option to purchase the Creepy Craft Retreat exclusive colorway.  If you would like to pre-order one or more base or skein, there will be a pre-order listing available upon request.  Any pre-order request must be received before August 7, 2024, or 7 days after initial spot pre-orders close. This is not included in your price (in case yarn is not your thing), but will be at a discounted rate.


  1. There will be a wifi hotspot available, but we are in the woods.  Be aware it is a spotty connection at times.  You can probably do a little homework or send some work emails but maybe not stream any television shows or movies.
  2. In case of snow, Bradford Woods is fantastic at clearing their roads and paths and salting walkways.  
  3. There will be scary/gory movies watched.  If you are not in to that, please check out the Rebel Purl Yarn Retreat instead.
  4. In order to keep the pricing as low as possible:
    • Your spot once purchased is not refundable.  If you are unable to make it, either due to scheduling or illness or whatever reason, you are welcome to sell/switch your spot to another human.  However this human must also meet the requirements of kindness and covid vaccinations and we must receive their proof of vaccinations before they will be approved for the event. If you would like us to sell your spot to someone on a waitlist, we will let you know if this option is available.  
    • Bedding is an included option on your initial purchase unless you use the code to remove it from your cost.  This is so that everyone can relax as much as possible without having to drag bedding along, or if you are traveling you won't have to worry about buying or bringing it with you. The BYOBED code will remove $35 from your overall price and there will NOT be bedding available for you on site.
    • Hand and dish soap are provided but personal care items such as shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste/etc will NOT.
    • Attendance does not include transportation to the cabin.  You will need to get yourself to the retreat from the airport, bus station or home of origin. And you will need to get yourself back.

Care information

To retain bright colors, do not store in direct sunlight. Items crafted from this yarn should be handwashed (or machine washed in delicate /handwash cycle) and then either laid flat or hung to dry.

Colors should be bright and permanent, but if you find any of the dye running from your fabric or yarn, soak in hot water with a bit of acid citric acid or vinegar) then rinse well. Do not dry in a machine.

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