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Rebel Purl

Power Up Starry Night Mitts

Power Up Starry Night Mitts

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Good for keeping your hands warm and your fingers free to do things.  I've heard they are also good for doing fancy penwork while protecting your hands and paper.

These were made from 4 Plies of the Apocalypse with the Starry Starry Night colorway with the Power Up chart and the Most Basic of Mitts pattern (available now if you'd like to make your own).

Fingerless mitts made in one size fits many.  I wear typically medium/small women's size 7.5 gloves and these are pictured on my hand.

Care information

To retain bright colors, do not store in direct sunlight. Items crafted from this yarn should be handwashed (or machine washed in delicate /handwash cycle) and then either laid flat or hung to dry.

Colors should be bright and permanent, but if you find any of the dye running from your fabric or yarn, soak in hot water with a bit of acid citric acid or vinegar) then rinse well. Do not dry in a machine.

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