13 Days of Halloween Watch Along 2021 Blood in the Water

It's a new year!  That means it's time to start getting ready for Halloween again.  My favorite holiday and a new mystery 13 mini skein set with pattern are coming!  Here is how the watch along works:

  1. Every other week we will be watching 1-2 movies, everyone watches at your own locations and you are watching the movie however you choose to access it.  Each Facebook event will have a list for where the movies can be found to stream, or feel free to watch a DVD you own or borrow. Maybe someday vaccines will bring back the possibility of a movie night gathering, but until then, you're on your own for your viewing.
  2. Viewers will want to press play as close to the same time as possible so the comments don't ruin any fun moments you haven't watched yet.  Comments must be made on the Facebook event so I can track them. Any comment works, even if its just that you can't stand the movie and you're turning it off.  But hopefully they will at least be entertaining enough to watch.  And sarcastic commentary is my favorite.  1 winner will be randomly chosen for every 5 commenters and those winners will get a code for 13% off on one entire order from Rebel Purl.  Codes never expire, so use it right away or save it for next year, whatever works for you.  If you watch multiple movies you could possibly win multiple discounts, but only once per movie and codes cannot be combined at checkout.
  3. There will be a list of movies here that I plan to include in the watch along.  If there is one you think should be added, just let me know!  I love new movies.  The only restrictions are it must have something to do with water. Anything from a haunted ship to river monsters to a cabin by a lake to a portal to hell in the local wishing well would work.  As long as water features somewhere in the film.  The only thing we want to avoid is a rape scene.  That is just not necessary for scary and if it shows up in a movie, that movie will definitely not be chosen for the final 13.  Horror, science fiction, musical; cheesy, scary, bloody, bizarre; new or classic - anything water related that you think should be watched, let me know!

The list!  Movies planned for the watch along will be listed here.  If there is something you think should be added, let me know.  If you see one you know has rape in it, let me know.  I have not seen a lot of these coming up, so I would love a warning to avoid watching that.

I will update with dates and times as events come along.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) - Friday January 8th @6PM eastern
  • Mary (2019) - Friday January 8th @8PM eastern
  • The Abyss (1989) - Friday January 22nd @6PM eastern 
  • Deep Star Six (1989) - Friday February 5th @ 6PM eastern
  • Sea Fever (2019) - Friday February 5th @8PM eastern
  • Jaws (1975) - Friday February 19th @6PM eastern
  • Santa Jaws (2018) - Saturday March 6 @5:00PM eastern
  • Leviathan (1989) - Saturday March 6 @7:00PM eastern
  • Underwater (2020) - Saturday March 20th @5:00PM eastern
  • Color Out of Space (2019) - Saturday March 20th @7:00PM eastern
  • The Bay (2012) - Friday March 26th @6PM eastern
  • Deep Blue Sea (1999) - Friday April 2nd @6PM eastern
  • Piranha (1995) - Friday April 2nd @8PM
  • Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1984) - Friday April 16th @6PM eastern
  • Aquaslash (2019) - Friday April 16th @8PM eastern
  • The Host (2006) - Friday April 30th @6PM eastern
  • Cabin Fever (2002) - Friday April 30th @8PM eastern
  • Dagon (2001) - Saturday May 8th @5PM eastern
  • Ghost Ship (2002) - Saturday May 8th @7PM eastern
  • Virus (1999) - Friday May 14th @6PM eastern
  • Zombie Tidal Wave (2019) - Friday May 14th @8PM eastern
  • Mermaid Lake of the Dead (2018) - Friday May 28th @6PM eastern
  • Lady in the Water (2006) - Friday May 28th @ 8PM eastern
  • The Lost Tribe (2009) - Saturday June 12th @5PM eastern - FB watch along event: Lost Tribe (2009)
  • Mermaid Down (2019) - Saturday June 12th @7PM eastern - FB watch along event: Mermaid Down (2019)
  • Widow's Point (2019) - Friday June 18th @6PM eastern - FB watch along event: Widow's Point (2019)
  • Triangle (2009) - Saturday June 26th @5PM eastern - FB watch along event: Triangle (2009)
  • Frankenfish (2004) - Saturday June 26th @7PM eastern - FB watch along event: Frankenfish (2004)
  • Sphere (1998)
  • Deep Rising (1998)
  • The Ferryman (2007)
  • The Lure (2015)
  • Blue My Mind (2017)
  • Below (2002)
  • Charlotte's Song (2015)
  • The Boat (2018)
  • Siren (2016)
  • Neverlake (2013)
  • Tentacles (1977)
  • Blood Tide (1982)

****I'm adding all the info I can find to each event for where a movie can be streamed.  Some are free, but others are not.  The FB events will show where it can be found and if you need a subscription or a rental fee to watch. Links to each FB event will be posted on the Events Calendar page.

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