Maker / Seller Info Page

I want to be as open as possible about how we run things for anyone curious or wanting to sell in the shop.  So here are all the details.  If you want to stock something in the shop, do a trunk show, destash or run a class - details should be below.  If you have any additional questions, please let me know.  I will try to keep this page as up to date as possible.


DESTASH Books or Yarn - If you want to destash through the shop, your yarn will be listed on the website under de-stash and will be in the store destash or used books area. 

We will begin selling at your requested pricing.  If it has not sold after 3 months, the price will be reduced.  If it still has not sold another 3 months after that, we will contact you.  If you want to pick it back up, you will have 2 weeks to do so.  If the item is not picked back up at the end of that time, we will donate the item locally.  If the item sells, Rebel Purl will keep 30% of the sale price and you will receive 70%.  Payments will be made via PayPal once per month. 

Any books should be gently used and in very good shape. 

**If you would like to destash other items, feel free to make a flyer to post on the community board, bring it in to a destash night, or drop by a craft night and see if anyone would like to buy, take or trade. Any of this type of destash does not go through the shop and is purely up to you.


SELL IN THE SHOP - If you are a local maker and would like to sell your crafting related items in the shop, please reach out or drop by the shop with a sample. 

Your Your items can be sold just at the store, at the store and online, or at the store and at some events.  You can choose which of these would would like to do.  however you choose to sell with us, there will be a link on the website to whatever site you sell on so people can purchase directly from you online.  And we will post pictures of your store stock on Instagram and Facebook, sometimes even TikTok videos.  Rebel Purl will collect sales tax on these items and keep 30% of the sale price.  You will get 70% of the sale price.  Payments will be made monthly and can either be via PayPal or as a check mailed or picked up at the store.

***1/2023 - We are working on adding an option for makers items to sell in our online shop.   This is purely optional for you.  Only those who want to be listed on our site as well as in the shore will go online.  Everyone will continue to have links directly to your online shop if you have one.  Sales will work the same, Rebel Purl retains 30% and pays sales tax on items sold and will of course handle shipping from our stock. For now, this will only be on easily shipped items, nothing breakable or large.  


TRUNK SHOW - If you are a local area artist or maker and would like to do a trunk show in the store, please reach out or drop by the shop with pictures or a sample of your work.  These items do not need to be fiber craft related, just cool local area art. 

Once scheduled, we can set you up in store or out front depending on your preference and the weather.  Rebel Purl will create a Facebook event and advertise for the event along with you.  Before the event, we require a list of items for sale and pricing to enter into the computer.  Then we can make sales while you chat with customers about your work.  Same as above, Rebel Purl will keep 30% or sales, you will get 70%.  We can either PayPal next day or write you a check before you leave after the event.


TEACH A CLASS - If you have a crafty expertise or passion you would like to share, please reach out about teaching a class.  We love learning new things and making space for everyone to do so. 

Reach out about scheduling - our easiest day to schedule are Saturdays but make sure the one you want does not already have something booked by checking the events/calendar page. 

To teach in the shop:

  • Suggest a class and day
  • Let us know your experience level and what you want to share
  • Let us know the cost for your class - this should include any materials you provide, payment for your time, and a small payment to the shop - or you can give your costs total and let us know to add to that a small payment for the shop.  

Once we confirm we want to schedule the class, we will need:

  • An image to use (this could be a logo, a picture of you or an image of the item from the class)
  • Length of class and preferred start times
  • Details of what you will be teaching
  • What items are included to students
  • Any requirements for students to bring on their own or that the shop can provide. 

We will make a FB event and sell spots in the class online and in store. If you sell in the shop, we can add class payments to your monthly payout.  If this class is your only offering in the store at the moment, we can either PayPal payment to you the following weekday or write you a check before you leave the shop.




If you have a local business and would like to put a card up on the community board to help humans find you, feel free.  

If you are with an organization looking for locally donated materials or items, feel free to put a flyer on the community board.

If you are promoting a local event, feel free to post a flyer on the community board.

If you want to donate an item or items for prizes or retreat goodie bags, please reach out or get those to the shop 30 days before the event you would like your items to go towards.