I Support

Checking out my yarn, you can see I like to support and promote several causes and organizations. There are monthly releases as well as semi-solids that are Always Available which donate a dollar amount per each skein to the listed cause.  This per skein donation is meant to be a fun way to show my support.  Please also (or instead) donate to any cause or organization directly as they could use much more help than my little skein donations will give.

Below is a list with links to every donation that has a related colorway.  This is by no means everyone I want to support or share with you and I will be adding to the list.  But here you can skip the yarn and donate directly to the cause (there is a link on each colorway page to do this as well).  Or if you were just wondering why I might want to help promote them, links will also take you to the information pages for each organization.

If you have any questions for me or you know of an organization you would like to see shared, please let me know!  qrg@rebelpurl.com