A Yarn Store for Bloomington, IN!

A Yarn Store for Bloomington, IN!

Bloomington, IN has been without a yarn store for too long!  Soon we have have a store of our very own.

Come see us opening day!  Saturday September 4th, 2021 at 11AM to 7PM the doors will be open for the first time.  There will be crafting area and Rebel Purl yarn (of course) but there will also be several other local makers and Nomad Yarn Truck will be on site.  

Come buy something or just celebrate and craft with us!

We will be following whatever the CDC is currently recommended.  So while we are vaccinated, masks will still be required in the store to keep everyone as safe as possible.  There will also be 2 air purifiers in the small space and a station with cleaning supplies by the front door.  

Everyone is welcome! All we require is kindness and respect for other humans.  And a love of crafting.

Although all the basics are covered, we are running a funding campaign to help make the shop better.  Funding will help set up the space better for crafters with upgraded seating, scholarships for classes, extended shop hours and the ability to carry more yarn bases in the shop. 

Here is the link to that campaign:



Share it as much as possible so we can make this the best little yarn shop possible!  The campaign only runs for 30 days.



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