Amok!  October Adventures

Amok! October Adventures

It's October!  My very favorite month with my very favorite holiday.  I watch horror movies all year long, but there seem to be more available for streaming and in theaters in October.  (And more people willing to sit through them with me!)  Even the weather is changing towards the cooler temperatures and cloudy skies that I love.  What is not to love? 

There are a few halloween colors in the shop, along with all the classic twists and even a Stars Hollow inspired fall colorway.  I'm working on some patterns to showcase the Mutant Mini skein set and I've got some new skein sets and patterns on the way.  I'll be looking for testers once the patterns are all set up.  

If you are in Bloomington, come down to the Eastside Farmers Market this Saturday and squish the yarns! I'll also have fingerless mitts, cowls, shawls, and patterns available.  

It's not all fun and yarn.  There are some serious things happening with our government right now.  So I just want to remind everyone to make sure that your voter registration is current.  If you know someone who might need a ride to vote, be that driver.  Or accompany someone on the bus who doesn't want to go alone.  Or even just make sure to research any issues that are coming up to vote so you know what you want to do.  If there are any local groups you are interested in supporting, now is the time to do so.  I spend 40 hours a week with people I seriously disagree with politically and I know how disheartening that can be.  Some days I just feel outnumbered and inconsequential.  But I'm not.  Every vote matters and every discussion matters.  So talk to people.  Do some fact checking and research.  And most importantly, VOTE.  I might be outvoted by my office, but not by my city.   I only lose if I don't vote, if I don't make myself be counted. When voting time rolls around in Bloomington, if you need a ride just let me know.  I've always got room in my car.

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