And now for something NEW

And now for something NEW

New colorways are up in the shop today!  This includes 4 colorways going directly into the Always Available collection and 4 new variegated colorways:

Five By Five

Oh, For Pet's Sake

Slutty Pumpkin

Cold As Ice

Slutty Pumpkin and the Hanging Chad

Loyal Badger

Girl Who Mermaided

Twisted Lagoon

And the something NEW goes into the Special Items collection. 

Did We Just Become Best Friends?!  Well, these colors did.  They are being sold as a unit (one 50g skein of each color, totalling 100g for the set).  These sets are on 4 Plies of the Apocalypse and available in limited amounts.  These will not be available as dyed to order. Once a set is gone, it is gone.  Unless I decide to dye it up again at a later date.

Feel free to send me a request if you think other colorways would make great best friends.

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