Coming Soon.....

Hello, yarn rebels!  I just wanted to pop in an update you on a big upcoming change to the website.  

Soon, we will be offering several of our local makers for sale on this site alongside my Rebel Purl items.  There will still be links for you to shop directly from the ones who have their own sites.  But those who are interested and easy to ship will also be available to snag alongside your Rebel Purl online orders.  Hopefully this will give you a chance to try out something new.

I am hoping to also add some tools to the site as well, but that will come after I get the makers all updated. 

I'm not sure exactly when this will start showing up for you.  I'm still working around the store and my day job and family/friend time.  I'm guessing I will be able to add one maker at a time as I can get to them.  So watch the website for them to pop up!

if you are in the area and just can't wait for me to get to updates, come by the shop and see everything in person!


Happy crafting, humans!


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