Dyed to Order Updates

Everyone has been having supply issues and all kinds of other struggles and changes in this pandemic.  But I want to make sure dyed to order is always an option in the shop for you.  So starting October 1st there will be changes to the listings in the shop. 

Right now there are 2 listings for each color - one dyed to order and one ready to ship. I have also been leaving the ready to ship colors up until sold out rather than removing the listings monthly with the dyed to order options.  So those will both be changing.  

Each color will be listed twice, but only once as a separate listing with inspiration, description, all images and any donation information.  The other will be a monthly colors listing that notes ALL current monthly colors.  On this new dyed to order listing you will choose the yarn base you want and then in the remarks/notes of your purchase let me know what color you want that base dyed.  If there are multiples let me know how many of each color and base.  If I have any questions I will email you to clarify before dying.  This will help me keep closer track of what undyed skeins are in stock and still allow dyed to order to remain available for you all the time.

Removing the ready to ship skeins each month will limit the color options a bit, but all available skeins will be at any shows if you want them out of their monthly schedule.  

I hope everything is simple enough but there is always some confusion when things change. Please let me know if you have any questions or issues with the changes and I will try to help as much as possible.

Thanks to everyone for being so awesome and patient with the changes!  I hope being able to have dyed to order back up all the time will mean you can always get the skeins you are wanting.

 - QRG

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