January Stuff & Things

It's a new year!  Somehow exciting and not all at the same time.  I mean, really?  Betty White?  What a terrible way to leave behind 2020.

The online store and stuff are running the same as they always have - new colors go up on the first (although I was a bit late due to having a cold this year - took a safety break).  This year's Yarn Club is called Mother Forkers and is inspired by The Good Place. Love everything about that show.  What has changed online is I am no longer doing the virtual watch alongs for the Halloween kit inspiration movies.  That has moved to the brick and mortar shop this year.  We'll see how that goes.  In person things can be a bit scary right now.

The brick and mortar location has had a couple changes.  The big one being ALL colors in stock are no longer going to be available in the store at all times.Colorways are up in the shop on the same monthly basis as the online store.  The difference being if you request a certain colorway in the shop - if it is in stock, we can dig it out for you; if it is not in stock we can do a dyed to order request.  We are still requiring masks in the store.  And now that omicron variant is rising so quickly, we are going to begin limiting the number of people in the shop at any one time.  So, craft nights and movie nights and classes are limited to people attending (max 6 for now, no extra chairs used just the ones spread out comfortably in the shop already), plus 2-3 shoppers and one person behind the counter.  That will mean MAX humans in the store at anyone time will be 10.  At least until the numbers start going back down.  And we still have cleaning supplies and free masks by the front door for anyone to use.  Air purifier filters are replaced regularly and surfaces wiped down.  

If you want to attend any event in the store, there are a few places to watch the schedule. 

  • Signs / Calendar in the window of the store
  • Facebook Events
  • Posts on Instagram & FB about upcoming events
  • Events page on the website.
  • Emails

The Events page will also show any special yarn things coming up.  In November I double the donations per skein for any colorway that has a donation.  In December between Christmas & New Years I put ALL the repeatable colorways up at once.  And I will note any pre-orders scheduled for clubs or the 13 Days of Halloween kits.

If there is anything you would like to see in the store or online, please let me know!  I love suggestions and new things.

Stay as safe as possible out there!  And keep your yarn crafts nearby in case of fiber emergency.

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