Monsters, Magic and the Afterlife

Monsters, Magic and the Afterlife

It's June already!  When did that happen?  May was a crazy month in the RP household.  Started out with a lot of knitting (working on getting that Interchangeable Chart Adventures book together!) and ended with our littlest pup eating something she should not.  Now Simi is living the cage life until next week and keeping me company at work all day.

The busy-ness means I didn't have the time to properly come up with a new semi-solid this month.  I'll make sure to put out 2 in July!  For now, you get colors inspired by some classics and a new favorite.  

King of the Monsters came about because I love Godzilla movies.  VS Mothra has to be my favorite. 

I loved all the Dresden Files books, so we needed a Wizard For Hire colorway.  Mr RP has a Dresen costume anytime we want to nerd out.

Fifth Element is also one of Mr RP's favorite movies, so we needed a bright Multipass.

As May was our wedding anniversary month, I've been feeling the husband colorways.  Skullcrusher Mountain is our song (yup, we are super romantic like that) and now his go-to costume and favorite movie.

Last but definitely not least, Mother Forking Shirt Balls. Because no one guessed the afterlife correctly.  Watch out for flying shrimp.

If there is a color way you would like to see, please let me know!  You can email me, post here or comment in the Ravelry group.  And don't forget to post in the Getting To Know You thread for a chance at a free skein!

Happy crafting, rebels!

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