New things for the new year!

New things for the new year!

I'm so late on my posting this month!  It has been a busy January already.  Lots of yarn dyeing, lots of knitting, and one new adventure.  New colors are up, but I'm sure you've seen those by now.  I can't even pick a favorite, because they all make me smile.

My newest (so far pretty high ranking on the scariness list) adventure is a podcast!  It is not a Rebel Purl specific podcast, but I know there will be plenty of mentions as this shop is my very favorite thing right now.

Qrg&rnA is a monthly crafting and Q&A podcast on YouTube filmed by LadyARN and myself.  We will talk about our crafting (ALL kinds of crafts), adventures and answer all kind of questions from anyone.  Answers will either be from our personal experience and knowledge, something we research to answer, or something we make up for pure entertainment purposes.  So far, just the one episode, but we already have a questions list building up to choose from for the next one.  We also have a Ravelry group and a facebook page.  If you're interested in watching or in asking a question, send an email to or find us on YouTube, Ravelry, or Facebook.  If not, feel free to pretend this never happened.

If you have any yarn color suggestions, please feel free to email me directly at or post in our Ravelry group.

Happy crafting, rebels!

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