New Year, New Yarn

In 2019, we were able to donate $428 with the Yarn Revolution.  So, thank you everyone for helping support others doing such important work!  And thank you to anyone who is doing your own work to make the world even just a little bit better.  If there are any issues/companies that are not yet supported you would love to see in the Yarn Revolution, please let me know.

It's 2020!  Last year was busy and so much fun.  I shipped to new countries and states, met a lot of new people, and discovered some new knit groups.  I'm hoping this coming year will be more adventures with happier politics and environmental news. 

The downer news is that due to supply costs, I have to up the price on Spark of Madness and 4 Plies of the Apocalypse.  The not so bad is they are only increasing by $1, and Best of the Worsted is remaining as it is.  I try to keep my yarn affordable and I hate to have to increase, but I really needed to in order to keep things running.  Hopefully, the increase is not too inconvenient for you guys!

I have confirmed The Fiber Event at Greencastle in April and Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival in June.  I'm hoping for a few more stops, so watch social media and the events page for updates.  

SPN Final Family Hunt club is happening!  Anyone can participate in the Hunter Homework for a chance to win 10% off a Rebel Purl order.  Even if you didn't get the club or this month is not your colors, feel free to play with us and do the homework.  Details will be on Instagram on the color post.  I will post on day 1, then again mid-month for each assignment.  And each month, one person who does the homework will be randomly selected for the discount.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions or if there is a color or inspiration you think needs to be in yarn form.  

Happy New Year!

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