Online Crafting Community

Online Crafting Community

Before yarn, I had no idea there was such a fabulous community of crafters out there.  Now I don't know what I would do without my yarnie friends.  When the pandemic hit us, the online community became an even more important way to reach other crafters and find the yarn, tools and patterns you want.  

No website is perfect, but the one I've used the most in my crafting time is  As a beginner knitter, it was a great way to track my patterns and progress.  I could find free or pay patterns with not just skill level and tools required listed but also notes and pictures by others who had already made the items.  Once I began designing myself, it was a great place to releaser and promote those.  As a dyer and now a yarn store owner, I can list and promote those and see what people are doing with the yarn they've taken home.  And while I haven't been so great at updating lately, it is also nice place to follow specific dyers, designers and groups or to find local crafting meet ups anywhere you might be.

The upcoming class will cover creating a Ravelry membership, how to find groups, designers & yarns, how to search for patterns, and how to keep track of your own projects and yarn.  

What websites do you like to use for finding patterns and yarn?  Or for tracking your projects or checking out others project notes?

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