Protest Crafting

Protest Crafting

Crafting has always been part of protesting and will probably always be.  With many being unable to participate in the protest gatherings (due to either health issues or scheduling or whatever reason) we will be turning this upcoming craft night into a Protest Craft Night.  Come by and make a sign for your yard, or a green scarf to show support.  Or whatever you want to make to show how you feel about the recent and ongoing things happening in the world to separate us and take away rights from all humans.  

You can grab some supplies for your crafting at the shop, but you can also bring in whatever you have for your crafting.  Since awesome humans online helped me find the latest information (thank you!), we will have some free patterns available if you want to make a green scarf to support abortion rights.  Any green scarves I make will go into a box in the shop that will then be free to whoever wants one.  Feel free to take one if you (or someone you know) needs it or leave one if you made some extra.  As long as there are scarves in the box, they will be available free for anyone.

As always, we want everyone to be comfortable in the shop. You are not required to help make protest items in order to hang out.  If you just want to be around other humans and craft, feel free to do so.  

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