So Much Supernatural

So Much Supernatural

It's November!  That means that technically Halloween is over.  But I'm not going to stop watching monster movies.  All.  Year.  Long.  

There are a lot of exciting things going on this month!  New colorways are out, and 2 of them are donation colors.  I couldn't help myself, 2 of them are Supernatural-inspired. I've made a collection of all the Supernatural-inspired items in the shop. This includes all currently available colorways, patterns, stitch markers, knitted items, and yes, the yarn club pre-orders.  

Pre-orders for the 2020 Supernatural inspired yarn club are out for November ONLY.  Pre-ordering the club will get you all the benefits that go with your selection.  Minimum for that means 3 months of colors and hunter homework both a surprise each month!) and free (in the US) or discounted (outside the US) shipping.  This platform would not allow the discounts to be added automatically, so use the code associated with yout club selection at check out.  Those are all listed on the club pre-order page.  Maximum club benefit is all 12 colors and hunter homework as they are released, free/discounted shipping, SPN inspired pattern and stitch markers, and one free skein of your choice (of any color/yarn base not just from the club).  

Choose wisely, because pre-orders are only open through November.  Once they are gone, you will be able to purchase the colors as they are released each month but without the extras.  I will send out the hunter's homework with each skein purchased in 2020, because that's just fun.  The stitch markers and pattern will only be available through the club during 2020.

AND..... we will be doing a trunk show at Bloomington Stitchery on Friday November 15th from 5-8PM.  Come by to check out yarn or grab a knitted item for yourself or as a gift.  I will also have patterns, Evil Laughter colorways and mystery Horse of a Different Color skeins with me.  And I always have a selection of Yarn Revolution donation skeins with me as well.  So come visit!  That is also a knit night at the Stitchery.  Come by and knit with us!

If you have any questions or requests, please let me know!


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