Social Distance

Social Distance

This year has been a strange one.  Right now here in Indiana (and so many other places) we are under a stay at home order.  I'm lucky to have my mom living close enough that we can walk our dogs together (from a safe distance apart) and that I have my husband for hugs I'm missing from friends.  I'm also feeling lucky that we have such a great community here in town and online with yarn friends.  

My day job is considered essential (everybody still has trash) so I'm going in to work every day (our desks are set more than 10 feet apart).  We are lucky that my work is still running even when his is not.  But this means that I'm cleaning everything before work and after work, washing hands and changing clothes more than usual, and wearing a reusable fabric mask when I'm packaging yarn shipments or speaking with someone outside. 

I'm also lucky that even though the Fiber Event was cancelled I can still ship out my yarns safely.  I cannot imagine being home every day without yarn! 

I just want everyone to know that I appreciate you.  I appreciate everyone who helps support my little business by purchasing from the new ASAP Crafting section or gift cards.  I appreciate anyone who is sharing Rebel Purl projects and pictures with your friends.  And I love hearing from you when you like a color or are excited about using my patterns or yarns.  So thank you!  And I am missing and appreciating my local yarn friends as well.  One of these days I'll sort my schedule and make an online knit!  

If you are wanting to purchase social distance survival yarn, anything in the ASAP Crafting section is ready to go and I can ship within 1-2 days of ordering.  If you'd like to purchase a gift but aren't sure what color, Shopify has enabled digital gift cards for all shops so we have those now!  And if you want to get something but aren't in a rush, any color in the other sections can be dyed to order.  I'm not dying new colors during this stay at home, so my next scheduled dye date is April 11th.  Check out Instagram posts for any new discount codes and watch Ravelry and Instagram for contests to win items or discounts, as usual.  

New April colors come out tomorrow (along with several ready to ship skeins).  A new #rpSPNhunterhomework will be revealed.  And when May comes, the special club pattern will come out with that new colorway.  

Take care of yourselves and each other through all this craziness.  And let me know if there is something I can do to help make this time better for you.

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