What's In A Name?

I try to keep my stuff inspired by others but still mine.  Apparently I was too close somewhere, but no one would specify where.  So I am working my way through and renaming a few colorways while removing inspirations from listings.  Eventually inspirations will be removed from most of the colorways.  They will still have tags so you can search for things you want to purchase, but nothing listed so that I am not infringing on anything. 

Colors are still all created and dyed by me.  

If you have any questions, just let me know.  Happy crafting, humans!


**UPDATE 9/21/2022

I am still working my way through all the colors to remove inspirations.  If you ever want to know what book, movie, song or whatever inspired a color, just ask.  I love to share the things that bring me joy.  And I love it when other people recognize random obscure movies the most.  So please, let me know when they bring you joy as well.  I love it.


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