Women in Horror Movies watch along events

In case you haven't noticed, I am doing a women in horror watch along series. Events are posted to Facebook along with reminders about the events on Ravelry and Instagram.  Here are some announcements (along with "Hey, this is happening" in case you were not already aware).  Movies range from creepy, psychological, gory to cheesy.  All have a woman in a main role - she might be good or bad, alone or part of a group.  

Watch along with me, post a comment (any comment) on the FB event for that night.  For every 5 commenters I will randomly select one winner of a 30% discount.  Discount was originally 10%, but I felt like increasing it.  If you've already won but not used your code, it will show the 30% discount when you get there.  If you've won but used it already, I've sent you an extra code for another 20% off.  All future winners will get the 30% off code.  Codes never expire so use them anytime.

There will be more than 13 events because I need more movie options for the 13 Days of Halloween Mini Skein Mystery Kits inspiration.  As creepy and awesome as Rosemary's Baby is, I do not want to use any movie with a rape scene as inspiration for these minis.  Also, if I'm not super excited about watching the movie, I'll replace it with something that brings me more joy.  So Jennifer's Body is up for possible replacement already.

Here is a list of upcoming movies. They will not all become mini skeins this year, but they are all up for consideration.   More might be added later if I want more options.  Let me know if there is a movie you want to see added!

I will update this list here as we go along, removing ones that have been watched and adding view dates or titles of new movies as those come up.



  • The Conjuring - Friday 7/3 @ 8PM eastern
  • Burn Witch Burn (1962) - Friday 7/3 @6PM eastern
  • The Invitation - Sunday 7/5 @6PM eastern

Events will be posted up the Monday or Tuesday before they happen, so watch for them!


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