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Cryptid Crew - PRE-ORDERS

Cryptid Crew - PRE-ORDERS

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Just for my own personal joy, I am putting out a special new yarn series.  This one will be cryptid inspired and released every 3 months.  I know it's random, starting in the middle of the year on a random month.  But I just want to do something purely for the fun of it.  And monsters make me happy.

Here's how this is going to work:

  • Every 3 months I will be releasing 2 new Cryptid Crew colors on my 4 Plies of the Apocalypse base.  There will only be a limited amount available (pre-orders are the only way to really make sure you get one). 
  • Along with these hanks will come an even more limited amount of hank with a special item - an embroidered patch *from Monsterologist* for that cryptid. Special items are very limited.  

I may add some other fun side things as we go - that just depends on if I think it will be fun.  But will let everyone know on the monthly emails and social media if I do.

First released will be in JULY - pre-orders will be available until the end of June.  July release will include colors for the Beast of Busco (Indiana) and the Enfield Monster (Illinois). 

Second release will be in OCTOBER - pre-orders will be available until the end of September.  October release will include colors for the Hopkinsville Goblins (Kentucky) and Mothman (West Virginia).  

Third release will be in JANUARY - pre-orders will be available until the end of December.  January release will include colors for the Loveland Frogman (Ohio) and Kraken.

Fourth release will be in APRIL - pre-orders will be available until the end of March.  April release will include colors for Hodog (Wisconsin) and the Pope Lick Monster (Kentucky).

ALL of the pre-orders are available now.  As they expire, the listing will show those as sold out. Or as they sell out.

This is all I have planned at the moment, but this is for my joy, so if I feel like it I may add more later. Or not.  We'll find out together later.  I may also dye some extras to stock the store with after pre-orders, but again, that depends on my joy.  I may just stop at pre-orders. 

If you also enjoy cryptids, send me your favorites or link me on social media with a post for a suggested cryptid I should look into.

**Just like with my yearly club colors, I will  be dying a small amount of mini skeins of each colorway that will then be sold as a set once they have all been released.

Care information

To retain bright colors, do not store in direct sunlight. Items crafted from this yarn should be handwashed (or machine washed in delicate /handwash cycle) and then either laid flat or hung to dry.

Colors should be bright and permanent, but if you find any of the dye running from your fabric or yarn, soak in hot water with a bit of acid citric acid or vinegar) then rinse well. Do not dry in a machine.

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